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We create software focused on enhancing people's skills, facilitating the development of their ideas. We optimize internal processes generating digital transformation of our clients.

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Global ERP

Global ERP is a modular software made up of a suite where its main systems are: financial - accounting; asset management and human resources.

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Global Campus

Global Campus improves academic management and is focused on achieving the success of the student's teaching and learning process.

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Global Analytics

State-of-the-art platform that allows us to centralize our clients' high-level management analytics, from a single place.

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Global Talent

Platform designed to support and streamline the process of recruitment, selection, hiring, job posting, candidate monitoring and more.

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Global Personnel

It is a portal that allows the officials of the institutions that use the Global ERP personnel and remuneration module to access their settlements and contracts, download certificates and request vacations and administrative permits.

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Global Payment

It is a Payment Portal that allows, for example, students and clients of institutions that use Global ERP, to be able to make online payments of their fees, natively integrated into the ERP.

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