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We are a team made up of people with a diversity of nationalities, interests and talents. We are excited to challenge ourselves and look for ways to share not only our knowledge, but also a unique lifestyle and a different, collaborative and motivated way of living our working life.

Why Ozmo?

Working at Ozmo will always be a relevant experience. We have fun working with focus and quality. Our spaces and offices are designed to welcome ideas, so they can flow, grow and be shared in comfort and a good working environment.

Our Culture

Beyond what we say, we are what we do, so our work and the decisions we make as a team to solve everyday problems define our dynamic and collaborative essence.

Our Values


Putting the truth before thoughts, expressions and actions.


The ability to become aware of the importance of fulfilling something we have previously agreed to


Recognising, accepting, appreciating and valuing the qualities of others and their rights.


To experience objectively and rationally what another individual feels.


The fulfilment of obligations, or care in making decisions or doing something.

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    Geo Cultural Diversity

    We generate change

    Everything I know I will share with you

    Mission and vision

    Our mission is to help companies grow and innovate with products and services, delivering comprehensive technology solutions that add value to multiple company processes.

    We care about the workplace, always looking for comfort for the teams and closeness between all our collaborators, thus generating positive synergies. We strive to offer the best possible solutions to all of our clients and we believe that for this to happen, an optimal work environment and a high-performance team are necessary


    Ozmo has four pillars:

    For Ozmo it is important to be formed by a multidisciplinary team, since it is essential to achieve a motivating and innovative synergy in the way of facing challenges. That is why we tackle drains as a team, with people with great experience in different disciplines.

    Successful team. Group of young business people working and communicating together in creative office
    Having a multidisciplinary team has many advantages. It promotes a sense of responsibility, promotes a dynamic work structure, allows faster responses, which are consequences of constructive exchanges of opinions that allow the team to reach more efficient and effective solutions, in order to improve the service that is delivered. Achieving an optimal solution is possible only if the whole team works together.

    Fundamental principles

    The Code of Ethics concentrates the ethical principles and values ​​of the company, together with the philosophy that guide our day-to-day actions, which are considered the fundamental pillars of the organizational culture.

    This code aims to clearly reflect our corporate culture, so that all members know this information.

    The principles that guide Ozmo and its subsidiaries are the following:

    Responsibility / Commitment / Participation / Confidence / Transparency / Development / Privacy

    These principles intersect each of the points that are developed throughout this Code of Ethics, and must be reflected in the actions of each of the company’s collaborators, regardless of the position they hold.