It is a platform for managing people’s digital identity, based on state-of-the-art technologies. It allows, among other things, to control the identification of your customers in a simple and secure way.

How does it work?

The 100% web-based platform has an application that allows the registration and identification of persons by means of facial recognition and fingerprint, thus defining the concept of a person’s digital identity.

The system provides for integration with your business management software (ERP, CRM, etc.), in order to obtain the necessary information about people in a correct way.

Through the web platform you can manage people, branches and historical reports among other functions.

Validation of patients and doctors
Spectator validation
Validation of student presence
Online Procedures
Identity validation for process authorization

Platform Highlights

SID le permite validar personas digitalmente, pero también genera un impacto directo en su negocio, no solamente por su facilidad de uso y rapidez, sino que además aportará a su compañía al contar con los siguientes beneficios.

Native cloud platform:: Conceived under state-of-the-art technologies

State-of-the-art easy recognition technology.

Reduces operational costs by using basic hardware to operate.

Centralised identity management.

Reduces the risk of fraud in identity management.