Global 3000 Campus is an academic management system (SIS) that supports the development of teaching in Higher Education institutions, both CFT and IP and Universities, in Chile and the rest of Latin America. It allows institutions to function at their maximum potential, maintaining integrated academic and administrative contexts.

Global 3000 Campus improves academic management and is focused on the success of the student’s teaching and learning process.

Global 3000 Campus allows the management of student data, their training process and their life cycle in the institution. The actors that interact with the system include: students, professors, school directors, deans, department directors and administrative staff that support teaching.

Operational Modules

Admission and Enrolment Module

It allows students to enter the institution. Global 3000 Campus takes into account the different admission systems of the different higher education institutions.

Teaching and Learning Module

This module corresponds to the execution of the teaching and learning process itself, where the teacher and the learner are the main characters.

Student Management Module

This module houses a number of sub-processes that consider student care and support. These data are very important because they reflect the level of student satisfaction and thus contribute to the teaching work.

Module Subject Enrolment

Allows students to register their subjects for the next academic term.

Qualification and Certification Module

Here the conditions of the student are verified in terms of their progression and fulfilment of the requirements of the study programme in order to be able to close some of its stages. This process may include some intermediate certification (module or intermediate degree) as well as the total of the studied programme, being in the condition of graduation and/or degree.

Configuration Modules

Administration and Gobernance

Integral Configuration

Account Audit

Universal Integration