Who we are

We are Ozmo Global Services, an international company with world-class products, providing value from knowledge for more than 25 years, focusing its products and services on process optimisation and the objectives of our partners.


With more than 25 years of experience in business process and IT consulting, our team is constantly reinventing itself according to the latest trends and technologies in the market, as well as legislation and process execution framework related to our products.

We are a company that, apart from technological products, provides advisory value based on experience and professionalism, in order to optimise work scenarios for our partners, and thus achieve together an optimal digital transformation, in order to achieve the objectives set.

We are experts in strategy, design and development of high quality and complex technological solutions, all of them proven, accurate and user-friendly.

Among our maxims is the ability to manage and share knowledge, so that our partners can get the most value from working with us in the following areas:

Financial/Accounting/Budgetary Management; Income and Expenditure; Members; Goods/Assets; Logistics; Academic; Information analysis.

All our consultancy processes adhere to international standard regulations and specific legislation of each country, in addition to being ISO 9000 certified, ensuring that the technological tools are adjusted to the requirements necessary for your organisation to comply with all that is required.

We are a high standard, solid and experienced team, with 15% annual growth and more than 120 successful projects. Our philosophy is clear: We believe that knowledge adds up, but that attitude multiplies. That is why our attitude is always proactive, oriented towards innovation and the support of our partners.

Strategical Advisors

Carmen Gloria

Carmen Gloria López

With more than 10 years of experience in the education sector, former Vice Chancellor of Duoc Uc, former Director of Operations of Duoc UC, Manager of several companies and corporations under his belt, currently a Global 3000 Campus product advisor.


Rodolfo Lüttges

Former Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Federico Santa María Technical University. (1975-1978), Former Regional Manager of Data General Corp. in the Southern Cone. One of the creators and founders of G3000 ERP through the study of French and Dutch public accounting, currently Director of Ozmo Global Services.


Guillermo Valdés

He worked as head of Planning and Logistics for the National Accreditation Council (CNA) for several years, now supporting the creation of IT systems for Ozmo. He has experience in managing work teams with a focus on reengineering and process improvement.


Agustín de la Cuesta

Executive of the academic area with transversal knowledge of the institutions of the Higher Education sector, with 16 years of experience in Higher Education, mainly Duoc UC. He is currently supporting the creation of Global 3000 Campus.

Ozmo Solutions Case Studies

Central Government

At Ozmo Global Services we have developed technological products aimed at digitising and optimising the operational processes of government institutions. The consultancy team has a thorough knowledge of the internal processes of public institutions, having developed knowledge, best practices and optimised processes for institutions that manage national budgets, based on standardised legislation and regulations.

Our technology products and services are designed to address the following areas of public management:

Financial/Accounting/Budgetary Management; Income and Expenditure; Members; Goods/Assets; Logistics; Academic; Information analysis.

As an example, the Global 3000 GRP suite is a leader in central government implementations in Chile, having been a supplier to the Comptroller General of the Republic for more than 15 years. This and many other successful processes endorse us as a reliable supplier for the State.


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Some of our Central Government clients:

State University

As well as for central government, we have been a supplier to institutions in the field of education, promoting institutional accreditation, digital transformation and data analysis within them, among other objectives. The product and consulting teams have a lot of experience and knowledge in the educational reality.

Our technology products and services are designed to address the following areas of management:

Financial/Accounting/Budgetary Management; Income and Expenditure; Members; Goods/Assets; Logistics; Academic; Information analysis.


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Some of our Higher Education clients:

Private Sector

Over the years we have become a valuable partner in terms of digital transformation and data analysis in the private sector, providing our knowledge and expertise to different companies that have trusted Ozmo to achieve their development and growth objectives.

In terms of software, we have delivered hundreds of successful projects, engaging in agile projects to develop customised software products in all their dimensions, from conception to delivery and operational continuity


We develop different software solutions (web and mobile) for industries such as:





Mass Consumption

Digital Transformation

We also provide hardware-related digital transformation services, developing solutions such as totems, IoT devices, custom devices and smart displays for partners in the following industries.

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Real estate


Mass Consumption



Central Government


Higher Education

Data Analysis

Finally, we have an area dedicated to services related to data analysis and business intelligence, developing state-of-the-art Datawarehousing and Business Intelligence solutions to support decision making based on reliable data. The team has achieved success stories in industries such as:

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Some Private Sector Clients: